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DVD 4 Painters AOF.E-013

Kate Rose
Jan Moerbeek
Ton Schulten
Zhou Jun


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Kate Rose studied at London’s Royal College of Art. In a way she is from the “old school”, making references in her work to Giotto and Fra Angelico. Nevertheless, her style of painting is very free and she is not afraid to go outside of the box. Her work is original, playful and personal.

Jan Moerbeek has a hard time expressing verbally what he seeks when painting. He works from the subconscious, from the deep feelings inside himself. Slowly he feels his way with the brush towards possible answers, neither easily satisfied nor afraid of new challenges. The result is a body of lyrical, richly colored abstract work.

Ton Schulten has become a household name in Holland. With swift and determined movements he records his impressions of landscapes of his youth or wherever his mind carries him. He has in the past used the word 'mosaic-landscapes' for his paintings. He enjoys phenomenal success as one of few painters having his own museum, gallery and other enterprises in his birthplace, the village of Ootmarsum, in the east of the Netherlands.

Zhou Jun  According to Zhou Jun, Chinese art is characterized by spontaneity, intuition and sensuality. This distinguishes it from Western art, which he sees as driven mainly by rationality and preoccupied to a large extent with the ego. Since this film was made numerous exhibitions in- and outside the Netherlands have made his work well known, well loved, and well sold. As a result he has been able to move to the North of France, where he lives and works in a small


DVD 4 Painters AOF.E-016


Toon de Haas
Dick Stapel
Gerard de Wit
Erik de Jong
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Toon de Haas was born on one of the islands off the coast of the Netherlands but has lived and worked for many years near Amsterdam. He has won the admiration of his neighborhood by painting a portrait of everyone on his street. His work is true to life and quickly executed. He is also a master of landscapes and still lifes. 12 min.                                                                                                                  

Dick Stapel Here we see him painting a portrait as his every move is followed by the camera. His subject, Helga, comes to life full size on his canvas. As we watch this process we understand why Stapel is one of the favorite portrait painters of Dutch VIPs. 10 min.

Gerard de Wit His specialties are still lifes and portraits, often made to order. His approach is quieter and more reflective than that of his colleague Stapel, which shows that many roads may lead to a similar goal: a personal portrayal of a fellow human being. 9 min.                        

Erik de Jong Here again a portrait painter, and again with his own vision and particular approach. Besides portraying individuals de Jong often captures on his canvas a number of people for whom time seems to stand still, not only conveying a likeness but telling a story. 7 min.



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