Ted Prescott

The American sculpture Ted Prescott has build a remarkable unified body of work, notwithstanding his use of very different materials. He has a unique ability to combine different materials into sculptures possesing a unity of form and color which speak their own language. In this way he has brought newe life in an age-old form; the crucifix. One of these crucifixes have been made with the help of Holstein cows, giving shape to saltblocks with their huge tongues.

Interview 2005 Image

Over the past twenty years I've been working on a series of crosses. My initial goal was to make useful symbols, but that changed as I began to understand that the cross really wasn't much of a symbol for our culture. So I began to think of the crosses in light of the ideas and forms that moved me in art. Now my goal is to make crosses that are symbolically, aesthetically, and theologically charged. While my cross production has slowed in the last several years, it has not stopped. I've begun gathering information about working with radioactive materials, and hope to make a ‚Äúsafe‚ÄĚ radioactive cross.

That potential cross is one example of a larger interest in substance and materiality. About fifteen years ago I used stone in a public commission, and the man who taught me about stone warned me that it was ‚Äúseductive‚ÄĚ. I've gradually used it more and more, and after spending time in a carving studio in Italy in the spring of 2003, I've been using a lot of marble, attending to its capacity to be either opaque as translucent, and enjoying its long history as a material of public address (it was to Romans what television is to Americans).