Henk Helmantel at work

(45 min)

The painter Henk Helmantel has always gone his own way, unimpeded by

modern trends and pressures and inspired by his great love of tradition.

Church interiors and still-lifes are his specialty, and subjects for the latter

may include fruit, old pottery, and objects found in Chinese graves, all recorded

with a strong, monumental quality.

In the first film Helmantel works on a still-life, correcting the location of a

grape to improve the composition, and giving tangibility to the skin of a pear.

As he works we can enjoy his observations on the history of art.

In the church

(4 min)

Helmantel visits monasteries, chapels, crypts and sanctuaries to experience

their lines, contours and the fall of light. He then returns home with detailed

notes and sketches to paint them in his studio.

In the second film we see him at work in an old church in the northern Dutch

village of Loppersum.

Helmantel has many admirers in the Netherlands. He was chosen "Artist of the

year" in 2008, and the permanent collection of his own paintings at his home is

visited yearly by more than 10,000 people. He is also highly esteemed in Asia,

North America and other parts of Europe.